Yokeiseasy Bicycle Co.

hand built by hand in Lancaster, PA USA.

Our Process

We are a custom bicycle frame building operation.  We design and manufacture bicycles in our small family owned machine shop in Lancaster, PA.  All of our steel and titanium frames are TIG welded.  We're proud to start with American materials and produce frames from scratch.

our frames

We love all types of bike riding, but we spend more time aboard our mountain bikes.  For this reason, we tend to build more bicycles design for off road use.  However, being a small operation allows us the flexibility to take on any unique endeavors that may come our way.  While there are many material options being used in bicycle construction these days, we believe that steel and titanium are ideal for the type of frame we build.  These metals provide superior ride quality and longevity, so these are the materials that we work with.  


Design philosophy

Simply put, we design bikes based on our personal preferences.  We carefully filter industry trends and try to incorporate in our designs only features that we believe in.  Our goal is not to sell you on new trends, but to deliver the best option that the industry has to offer.  At the end of the day, we are our own customers and we set our standards high.

photography by mjh